CrowdRise for Child Rescue



CrowdRise for a Cause

With, you don't need to be tech savvy to be helping the cause that you're passionate about. All you need to be is passionate about rescuing children from traffickers. They'll handle the back end so that you can focus on getting your friends and family as excited about this as you are. 




Sign Up

So go ahead an get started; it's easy. Just go check out CrowdRise and start by setting up an account so that you can keep track of all of your fundraising. You can even just sign in through Facebook to make things even simpler. 




Start the Campaign

Once that's done, just opt to Start a Campaign for a Charity. It doesn't take much. You just need to come up with an awesome never for your campaign, pick how much you wanna raise, and let everyone know why they should care about rescuing children like you. And don't worry. Even if you don't hit your fundraising goal, ChildRescue still receives what you do earn, so aim big!






Spread the Word

Now you have to spread it! Just start posting to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Email so that your friends and family can know what an awesome cause you're helping, and they can go support you too. 





Make a Difference

Watch as you reach you're fundraising goals and know that everyone cares about the cause just as much as you. Maybe you'll even inspire someone to start their own campaign and you can fundraise together. Interested in making a difference?