Dan Baird Child Rescue Board of Advisors

Dan Baird

Dan is the founder and CEO of Crack the Crowd. He is an advisor to the leadership teams of multiple ventures, innovation strategist, and an angel investor. Dan has helped launch numerous companies, crowdfunding platforms, and consumer products for some of the U.S.'s most well-known household names.

Dan was fortunate enough to be born to a healthy and supportive family, gain an education, travel the world, volunteer, and get his hands dirty. He understands first-hand just how lucky he has been. When he learned of the torture and suffering 2,000,000 child trafficking victims endure each year, he knew there was no cause more worthy of attention and support.

Dan provides marketing, and strategic resources to Child Rescue.
Dan lives in Salt Lake City, where he and his wife Alissa are hoping to adopt in 2016.