Gift My Cause for Child Rescue


Pledge Your Birthday

Want to run a fundraiser but think that you're friends and family will need a little more motivation to donate? What's a better birthday gift then donating to Child Rescue? With, you can sign up and spread the word to let all your friends know that the birthday present you want is the knowledge that you helped rescue children from sex trafficking. 




Sign Up

It's simple. Just go to and you'll already be on your way to pledging your birthday for an incredible cause. Just add your name, email and of course, your birthday. 





Donate to Child Rescue

Go ahead and select the Child Rescue Association of North America as the charity of your choice. You can pick to have your birthday go towards any of our campaigns, from rescue missions or aftercare orphanages to youth prevention campaigns. It's all important!




Spread the Word

Now that it's all set up, there's just one thing left to do. Celebrate! Put you're birthday all over Facebook or Instagram so that each of you're friends has the chance to get you a birthday present through donation. It'll take a little effort, making sure that your friends and family know that this is what's important to you and that this is how you want to celebrate your birthday. You've got this. 





Just because you're giving away the birthday presents doesn't mean you need to give up the party! Invite everyone over so that they know just how much you appreciate their donations, and let them know that thanks to them (and especially you) children will be rescued from traffickers now. Happy Birthday!