Stephanie, one of Child Rescue’s Co-Founders, belongs to a family plagued by this type of exploitation for four generations until her mom, Lorrie, bravely took a stand and stopped the cycle of abuse. “Lorrie was trafficked as a child too. But unlike the generations before her, she broke the chain, making a better life for her daughter. As a result, Stephanie is the first woman in her family in the past 100 years not forced to sell her body as a child, and now she wants to protect other young women the way her mother protected her. ‘Girls are being purchased in our own neighborhoods, but no one sees them,’ she says. ‘As a society, we have got to open our eyes.’ She hopes her family drama, as raw and unforgiving as it is, will be a wake-up call for all of us.” - Glamour Magazine






Our efforts to combat child exploitation include undercover rescue missions, survivor aftercare orphanages, law enforcement trainings, youth prevention campaigns and other activities. .


We are lucky to have attracted the best help. Great volunteers, survivors who want to give back and tactical experts from the special operations and intelligence community. 



Example is the best way to influence law makers and public opinion to create a global society that won't tolerate this type of crime against children. 

Stings and Intelligence Operations  

Our operators typically have backgrounds as special operations or intelligence professionals or others with undercover experience and work with local law enforcement. Children are then taken to safe houses and professional after care facilities.


Sponsor a rescue mission.

Do you want to privately fund a full mission, or create a corporate partnership to sponsor our next mission? It costs about $35,000 (approx $1800 per child) to fund a full mission; contact us to learn more about our next rescue mission.