Backyard Broadcast Youth Summit

In July of 2012, the First Annual Child Rescue Youth Summit launched the Backyard Broadcast program – bringing together the 25 Child Rescue fellows for a three day event in Salt Lake City. Participants learned about the sexual exploitation of children in our country and received training in leadership, fundraising, community organizing and advocacy skills needed to positively impact their own schools and communities. Speakers included top level vice unit police officers, survivors, business owners and high-level creative artist both independent and those employed at the most nationally visible youth brands, as well as seasoned social entrepreneurs with years of experiences in the trenches.

Candlelight Serenade Acoustic Festival


Because of our generous volunteers, supporters, and sponsors, we raised funds for local victim services and our other Utah non-profit partners. The most impressive success of Candlelight Serenade was the overall awareness generated for this cause. Through our efforts in promoting the concert hundreds of thousands heard about Child Rescue and our efforts.

Gala with Larry King, Maggie Grace and Alexis Jones

Larry King, Maggie Grace, Alexis Jones and other influencers shared the stage with youth leaders, "Station Chiefs",  from Child Rescue's youth prevention campaign,, and together with members of our Board taught a packed ballroom about what is happening right here at home in, in out own backyard.

A Special thanks goes out to Maggie for her both introduction of Child Rescue and Backyard Broadcast, and for her deeply sincere feelings about the issue. She spoke about her role in the "Taken" movies and her discussions that she and Liam Neeson have had over the years both with each other and with a continual amount of fans who became aware of the problem because of the movies.

Celebrity Fundraiser in California

Child Rescue’s Celebrity Fundraiser in Bell Gardens, CA, raised much needed funds and critical awareness of the sexual exploitation of children. Media mogul and Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone stunned the crowd with the surprise record-setting donation of $1 million. He received a standing ovation from the audience, volunteers, celebrities and casino staff. The event was co-hosted by siblings Annie Duke and Howard Lederer, with Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Diana Donofrio-Trigatzi, and included a silent auction and special performance by Cameron Rafati. The first place prize was $10,000 and included a custom designed bronze angel from master sculptor Steve Parks.

Raise Your Grade


In partnership with Shared Hope International, Child Rescue launched a campaign which motivated hundreds of Americans to submit a letter to their governors asking them to strengthen their local laws against trafficking. provided resources for participants to see which laws need to be improved in their state to further prevent and punish domestic child sex trafficking. The website also provided resources on whom to write and what to write for each state. March 1st, 2012 citizens from all over choose action over apathy and took direct action to abolish Child Sex Trafficking in their state.

Law Enforcement Training

Child Rescue hosted a very successful Law Enforcement training in June of 2011. Over 285 FBI, Police and Parole officers, attorneys, and social service representatives from across the United States and Canada were in attendance. Participants received issue specific training such as international human trafficking, victim psychology, recruiting, human trafficking investigations (domestic cases and international cases), case management, and effective prosecution. Training was provided by Apogee Consulting and the Utah Human Trafficking Task Force. Speakers included LAPD Officer-in-Charge, Marc Evans, a Criminal Justice Administrator, Natalie Holland, and special units officer, Hector Sanchez.  Child Rescue also hosted an appreciation banquet where former trafficking victim Natasha Herzig shared her story and offered advice and insight to the officers in attendance.