This could also be a place to communicate Poklar’s plans, but depending, could require its own page. I’ll post her info here until the next interns decide on an effective placement.

Links to shared hope and Polaris as well as advice from Savanah and Dr. Poklar.

Think about ways that community members could offer support, like motel managers having access to hotline numbers and ways to inform people of signs.


Ashley E. Poklar, PhD

As a teacher and a psychologist, working with youth labeled “at-risk”, Dr. Poklar has gained a unique awareness, and understanding, of the experiences, perceptions, and interaction styles of children and youth.  She has heard their collective voice, regardless of whether they are labeled “at-risk” or not, outlining abuses, exploitation, and injustice, while also personally witnessing their being silenced, ignored, or written off by adults and institutions meant to protect them.  As a result, Dr. Poklar has dedicated her time towards both research, education, and professional trainings focused on awareness and relationship building for those adults capable of making a difference in a youth’s life, and engaging in therapeutic interventions and treatment planning meant to empower youth and increase their resilience.  Only through such targeted treatment plans can youth find the voice to demand the increased awareness, understanding, and interpersonal skills building needed to bridge the gaps between youth at need and the helping adults surrounding them.  Raising resilient youth through extreme adversity requires a community of genuine understanding and care. Dr. Poklar aims to create a lasting community for each human trafficking survivor identified by Child Rescue through targeted treatment planning, multi-systemic supports, and larger, community-wide collaboration and change.