"See the one and help" - Mother Teresa

Rebekah was sex trafficked by her father as a young teenager. Her story is about the care of her sports team coach to pick up on the small things and spot that something was wrong, the love her adoptive family gave to help her overcome her trauma, and what it means to be a survivor:

Filmed by Madi Palmer, one of the young leaders in Child Rescue's youth prevention campaign (Backyard Broadcast), one of Child Rescue's Founder's Stephanie Larsen tells the story of trafficking in her family.

Child Rescue's main projects right now are:

#1) Helping to build an Aftercare Orphanage in Cusco, Peru.

#2) Running our youth prevention campaign called BackyardBroadcast.org

#3) Developing our Open Source Intelligence team to provide leads for certain US Law Enforcement.

But our urgent need right now is -

#4) We have been invited to help a partner organization to be involved in another undercover rescue mission in Latin America to rescue children currently being trafficked, some under the age of 10, and we need help preparing for it. To learn more pleas click the button below: