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Child Rescue is excited to be working with our partners, Breaking Chains, on a series of missions starting in just a few days. The first operation will rescue 15-30 children, some as young as 11 years old, in a Latin American country.

We're working with their Federal Government and these operations will be official police actions. Right now, they are preparing for a full tactical takedown by the government special forces, and you can help.

This is a chance for us to bring freedom, both spiritual and physical, to these young children. We've seen pictures of the girls who are waiting to be rescued. Just seeing their faces gives us that much more determination to protect them from harm.

Over $18,000 has already been raised for this mission. But in order to make it a reality, we need to raise an additional $5,000+ in the next few days.

These additional funds will cover airfare for our rescue team, set up for the sting operation, covert surveillance equipment, "purchasing" of the children, as well as existing costs for in-country victims aftercare.

To be a part of this rescue mission:

US cell phones: text to the number 71777 with the word "Rescue" 

Canada and all other countries cell phones: click ChildRescueAssociation.org/Donate and we'll send a donation form to your phone. When the mission is complete, we'll text you an after action report with the details.


Help in huge way: 

Become a Fundraiser! 

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If you cannot donate at this time, please fill out the "Become a Member of the Association" form below and we will send you an after action report and keep you updated on future missions. 

To share about this mission please post or tweet this link: http://igfn.us/vf/rescue



victims have been rescued by Child Rescue sponsored missions


FBI, police & Parole officers have been trained by Child Rescue


years old is the average age that children are first trafficked



Story of a brave survivor filmed for Child Rescue's youth prevention campaign the Backyard Broadcast. 


Rebekah was sex trafficked by her father as a young teenager. Rebekah's story is about the love of her adoptive family, the healing from the abuses and traumas of her childhood and her ability to see love for what it truly is meant to be.


In addition to sponsoring direct action missions, we train, prepare, and equip law enforcement to combat child exploitation. 

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We provide the highest level of education and training for law enforcement professionals, expert intelligence, and tactical professionals from the nonprofit sector. 

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Example is the best way to influence law makers and public opinion to create a global society that won't tolerate this type of crime against children. 

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