10 Children Rescued, 4 Sex Traffickers Arrested!


Last weekend, Child Rescue participated in a successful operation in Latin America led by our partner organization, Breaking Chains. Also, participating in this multi-organization operation was I-61, SERT, and the in-country National Police, who all played an essential role. We want to thank everyone who supported this operation through funding, sharing, and praying for its success.

We are very excited to have actively participated in our very first undercover operation. Our undercover operative says it was an "pretty indescribable experienceto look into the eyes of these girls and see their fear while knowing, but not being able to tell them, that they weren't going to have to go through what they were dreadingnow or ever again."

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Before our operator flew back home, he was invited to help gather undercover information on an additional operation called "Operation China Doll". Please sign up below to receive our Insider Report, and we'll send you additional details on this and future operations as they are available. 



FBI, Police & Parole officers have been trained by Child Rescue


years old is the average age that children are first trafficked in America


number of foreign born children sold into the United States each year, according to the US State Dept.


number of American born children sexually  exploited currently in America, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

2 million

number of sexually  exploited children globally, according to the United Nations Children Fund.


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Meet Rebekah, a brave survivor who shared her story for Child Rescue's youth prevention campaign, Backyard Broadcast. 

Rebekah was sex trafficked by her father as a young teenager. Rebekah's story is about the love of her adoptive family, the healing from the abuses and traumas of her childhood and her ability to see love for what it truly is meant to be.



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