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We call our elementary education and prevention campaign "White Ribbon", a program to help elementary schools develop and implement content for Internet safety programs both for children and their parents. The program event is commonly referred to as "White Ribbon Week". FInd out more

Our aftercare orphanage efforts will enable child trafficking victims to heal, recover, and develop a hopeful, healthy life. The current facility has already taken in as many survivors as possible, but many are temporary placed in local jail by the government due to inability to provide sufficient space. Our goal is expand the orphanage to fit double the amount of children to be cared for and to give the children a safe, loving home.

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Open source intelligence team: our volunteers and board members use advanced tools that comb the internet and social media to search publicly available information for indication of commercial child exploitation and pass on leads to local police. We are currently working with NYPD; however, we are hoping to expand the reach to include Utah and other parts of the country.

Software Grant: Due to reducing police budgets, our team is trying to raise funds for a new Human Trafficking Task Force within the LAPD in order to obtain an extra license for software that will allow task force to review and document traffickers’ cellphones and collect data for court cases. Having this license would allow them to immediately respond and go back on the street that night rather than having to send cell phones to a facility on the other side of L.A., potentially losing track of traffickers and victims.